Towhid Nategheianbeware, here goes yet another auto biography:
I’m a developer and independent researcher(I drink coffee and work on problems others didn’t notice). I love what I do. I love programming.

Here is a summery if what I can do:

Web Development
I’m an expert PHP and Python(Django) developer, I’ve also worked with JavaScript backend(Meteor, NodeJS and Cordova)
Web Design
I can design with HTML5/CSS3 usually lean toward minimalism. also I work with JavaScript(mostly JQuery) in front end.
Data Science
I use Python for data science, usually Pandas, Numpy and SciPy and MatPlotLib.
Software Development
I have past experience in C++, Classic VB, .Net and C#.
I love Reverse Engineering, Cryptography and studying viruses and vulnerability analysis.
Also I know a thing or two about Network Security Auditing and Analysis, Security Quality Assurance, and Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems.

Online Tools

I created lots of free online tools for Web Developers and Webmasters, take a look at this great collection.
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My Favorites

Take a look at my favorite sites, weblogs, and resources for Developers, Designers, SEO Experts and Webmasters.
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My Lab

If your are INVITED you can visit my lab, beta test my new projects and see old archives. download or use them.
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