AI for Business

Some tips for building AI systems for businesses:

  • Clarify the business problem first, then define how to translate it into a technical solution.
  • Don’t use AI and ML unless no better alternative exists.
  • Avoid complex AI systems.
    • They are harder to develop, maintain, and scale.
    • Often a simple model can add more value to the business.
  • Identify all stakeholders and Think from each one’s perspectives.
    • Clients / customers
    • Potential customers
    • The company’s employees
    • The company’s IT team
    • The decision-maker in the business
  • A better User Experience is better than a better optimized model. In business, Customer-centricity is key.
  • Decide on best approach when facing failure, whether fixing the problem or changing platforms and tools is most efficient.
  • Always test the outcomes against real-world cases.
  • Documentations should track business features as project progresses. It should be in plain language and understandable for all stale holders.

Questions to ask before investing on creating an AI system:

  • Why should the product be built?
  • What does the product exactly do?
  • Is the project feasible given current restriction.
  • What does a successful end product look like, and work?