KNN in Python

#Importing the required modules
import numpy as np
from scipy.stats import mode

#Euclidean Distance
def eucledian(p1,p2):
    dist = np.sqrt(np.sum((p1-p2)**2))
    return dist

#Function to calculate KNN
def predict(x_train, y , x_input, k):
    op_labels = []

    #Loop through the Datapoints to be classified
    for item in x_input:

        #Array to store distances
        point_dist = []

        #Loop through each training Data
        for j in range(len(x_train)):
            distances = eucledian(np.array(x_train[j,:]) , item)
            #Calculating the distance
        point_dist = np.array(point_dist)

        #Sorting the array while preserving the index
        #Keeping the first K datapoints
        dist = np.argsort(point_dist)[:k]

        #Labels of the K datapoints from above
        labels = y[dist]

        #Majority voting
        lab = mode(labels)
        lab = lab.mode[0]

    return op_labels