Startup Survival

Influencing Factors:

  • Problem the startup is trying to solve.
    • Population Size(Market Size): How many people are influenced by the problem?
    • Influence: How important the problem is to these people?
    • Solution's worth: How much are people willing to pay for a solution?
  • Competition: What alternative solutions exists.
  • Adoptive behavior: Effectiveness of startups in dealing and taking advantage of with change.
  • Customer Gain
  • Customer Retention
  • Risk Management and contingency planning.


  • Finding new markets is extremely hard. meaning if a market exists it's already hosting multiple startups. A market without startups is most likely incapable of giving rise to startups.
  • In technology sector, often the top startup in a market is worth more than all it's competitors combined and hard to displace; making it a winner-takes-all situation.
  • When competition for solving a problem is hard, creative and innovative use of socio-politico-economic changes or advancements in technologies is a winning strategy.

Learning Material: