conda List

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List linked packages in a conda environment:
conda list

usage: conda list [-h] [-n ENVIRONMENT | -p PATH] [--json] [-v] [-q]
                 [--show-channel-urls] [-c] [-f] [--explicit] [--md5] [-e]
                 [-r] [--no-pip]

Positional Arguments

  • List only packages matching this regular expression: regex
  • Named Arguments: -show-channel-urls
  • Show channel urls. Overrides the value given by conda config --show show_channel_urls: c, --canonical
  • Output canonical names of packages only. Implies --no-pip: f, --full-name
  • Only search for full names, i.e., ^<regex>$: -explicit
  • List explicitly all installed conda packaged with URL (output may be used by conda create --file): -md5
  • Add MD5 hashsum when using --explicit: e, --export
  • Output requirement string only (output may be used by conda create --file): r, --revisions
  • List the revision history and exit: --no-pip
    ℹ️ Do not include pip-only installed packages.
  • Target Environment Specification: n, --name
  • Name of environment: p, --prefix Full path to environment location (i.e. prefix).
  • Output, Prompt, and Flow Control Options: -json
  • Report all output as json. Suitable for using conda programmatically: v, --verbose
    Use once for info, twice for debug, three times for trace: - q, --quiet


  • List all packages in the current environment: conda list
  • List all packages installed into the environment 'myenv': conda list -n myenv
  • Save packages for future use:
conda list --export > package-list.txt
  • Reinstall packages from an export file:
conda create -n myenv --file package-list.txt