Django is Python Library for rapid development of web applications using MVC architecture.

I use Django because:

  • Django is Fast and highly scalable.
  • It’s the best option for Rapid BackEnd Development.
  • It’s highly versatile, and can be used to develop complex and data-intensive apps.
  • It provides high security while benefiting from well established development patters.

Some of my Django Projects”

  • ElevateNLP: Open Source tool to gather, manipulate, scale and asses linguistic & natural language data.
  • Curator: Full featured web mining tool. It crawls web, works as a search engine, provides ontological extraction and advanced filter system for any entity mentioned online.
  • quaero: Simple crawler and search engine for web content, image search.
  • ThinkScribe RecSys: A Recommender System for Books, Movies, and Music.

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