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About Me

I create AI tools and Data Analysis applications using modern tech stacks to build modern and full-stack web applications.

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Tohid Nateghian



Work Experience

Data Analysis and AI product development Consultant

2022 – Present

Leveraging my extensive experience in AI and Data Science, I provide freelance advisory services to startups seeking to leverage AI to optimize their operations and drive growth. I have a proven track record of helping businesses identify and implement AI solutions that align with their strategic goals and achieve tangible results.

Q2A Developer, Funded

2013- 2019

Founded QA-Themes, a business specializing in Question2Answer, an open-source PHP-based Q&A framework. I’ve created, customized and maintained numerous communities, developed and designed open-source plugins and themes, and developed multi-framework integrations. Successfully exited the business to pursue graduate studies.

Freelance Web Developer

2012- Present

Embarked on a web development career as a freelance PHP developer, later transitioning to focus on Q2A development. Established a reputation for creating robust question and answer communities and orchestrating seamless multi-integrations for Q2A, WordPress, MediaWiki, and various other platforms.

Freelance Developer

2008 – 2010

Launched my career as a freelancer, crafting small software solutions for businesses using VB and C# on the Windows OS. Additionally, I designed and developed websites, serving as the webmaster for several small businesses.


Master of Science (M.S.)

Sep 2017 – Jan 2020

Software Engineering – IAU Of Urmia

The education was focused on data science and data management. I’ve finished my education with a dissertation on Natural Language Understanding using Concept Graphs and their use in chat-bots.

Master of Science (M.S.)

May 2016- 2017

Artificial Intelligence – Isfahan University of Technology

I’ve started to study Artificial Intelligence with a focus on Pattern Recognition, however after a year I dropped out of university due to personal reasons.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Sep 2014- Aug 2016

Software Engineering – IAU Of Urmia

The education was focused on software engineering and development. Most of my courses were topics that I’ve been using in real life and merely consolidated my foundations.

Bachelor Associate

Sep 2006 – 2008

Computer Science – Tabriz Collage of Technology

The focus of my education was in software development, however I’ve focused on development of Cyber Security tools and created an Antivirus as my dissertation project.

Skills and Expertise

Tools and Technologies I’ve mastered and use every day

Data Science & AI

Data Science: I use Python beside Pandas and Numpy for basic data science tasks, BeautifulSoup for web mining, and MatplotLib and Seaborn for data visualizations tasks.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis: I use Keras as a fast experiment tool with SciPy and SciKit-Learn for most AI tasks. as well as TensorFlow for building Machine Learning models.

Natural Language Processing: I use Spacy, and Stanford’s Stanza for most NLP tasks. however I often had to create my own solutions for regarding NLP, NLU, and Machine Cognition research I’ve done.


Back-End Development: I often use Django for scalable web-app development and Flask for fast experiments. I’ve also used PHP for years and still code in it.

Front-End Development: Beside HTML5 and CSS3 I use with Bootstrap. I’m also proficient in JavaScript and use HTMX and JQuery in my projects.

Integration and Frameworks: I’m experienced in software integration via Restful APIs and direct DB integration. I’ve also worked on WordPress and Q2A and created customizations, themes, and plugins for both. including external integrations for both.


I use PostgreSQL for most of my projects. both when data volume is close to Big Data standards or when I need a SQL and NoSQL solution for more flexibility.

In small projects MySQL and SQLite are my go to solution for fast and light weight apps.

Also I’m experience in Apache Hadoop for Big Data tasks and worked with CouchDB.

Web Design

While I have never worked as a full-time web designer, I’ve created multiple web designs including all front-end designs of my own projects as well as many themes for WordPress and Q2A platform.

I’m experienced in HTML5 and CSS3 and extensively worked with Bootstrap framework for front-end designs.

I’ve worked with multiple JS frameworks, including React and JQuery. However I’m only using HTMX and vanilla JavaScript at the moment.


Tools and Technologies I’ve mastered and use every day


I love learning languages and experience new cultures.


Full professional proficiency


Limited working proficiency


Native or bilingual proficiency


Limited working proficiency


Native or bilingual proficiency


Elementary proficiency

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