Hi, I’m Tohid.

I create innovative products and intelligent systems.

I’m a Developer and software engineer with a focus on Artificial Intelligence Research, Data-Driven application development and business intelligence.

But I mostly just create things.

—My Knowledge-base—

My Collection of notes on topics I’ve learned and use.

A Brief Introduction

I’m Tohid Nateghian. A developer with masters in Software Engineering and over 15 years of programming experience.

I create Data Intensive, Data Analysis, and Back-End Software. This usually includes web applications, machine learning projects, or data science related tasks. My interests include creating free and open source software, startups and businesses, and artificial intelligence research. I’m interested in working on innovative and high-tech products.

—My Projects—

— My thoughts —

Here I share ideas and observations about life, my experiences in work and life, and philosophy and ideas regarding humanity and it’s future. For more feel free to connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

— Languages, Platforms and Tools —

These are some of the technologies I often use for development, design, and business .

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