I Make Modern Web Apps and Data-Intensive Back-End Software

With over 12 years of professional software development experience, I make complex software products using cutting edge technologies. I also create Artificial Science, Date Science, and business Intelligence applications with a focus on Recommender Systems, Natural Language Processing, and Statistical Modeling.


I provide following software development services:

  • Creating Full-Stack, Responsive, and Progressive Web Applications
  • Back-End Development of Data-Intensive applications.
  • Framework Integration & migration from different frameworks.
  • Data Science tasks such as Data Processing & Pipeline Development, Machine Learning Systems, and Automated Data Analysis.
  • Software analysis for improving UI/UX, SEO, Security, and Security of existing product.

My Background

I’ve spent the vast majority of my career providing freelance development and consulting services for clients from around in areas such as:

  • software product development
  • software-as-a-service
  • community, customer, membership cultivation
  • data-driven decision making and business campaign development
  • AI incorporation into new products
  • AI development and programming
  • Natural Language Processing for machine understanding

What you should know

Technologies I use

I mostly use Django for fast, reliable and secure back-end and API development. For Front-End I use bootstrap framework for responsive and minimalist design. To provide Progressive Web Applications, I integrate them with HTMX framework which improves site’s speed, user experience and lowers resource usage. In my experience this is the Golden Stack for perfectionist to develop fast, scalable and growable software.

How it works

Defining Project

After Contacting me, we can define distinct aspects of project and your needs and exceptions from end product. Then I’ll give you a quote for the service and schedule and deadlines of the project.

1. Understanding the product, your needs and expectations

2. Defining features and milestones

3. Estimating service costs and timeline

4. Agreement on terms and payment

Product Development

After receiving payment, You’ll receive access to project management tool to track progress of development, request support, and cooperate in testing and keep up with updates.

1. Development Process and monitoring via Project Manager

2. First Delivery with Documentation

3. Contentious testing and improvement loop

4. Final product delivery and start of free 1 year support

Support System

After final delivery, when all agreed upon term are met, 1 year free support period starts. This support includes answering all your questions and concerns, as well as fixing any bugs in the product. However it doesn’t include adding new features.

1 year free support and bug fixes

Full Documentation

Fully commented code

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