I solve strategic challenges for cutting edge startups

I am a high-level freelance problem solver and advisor for complex product development in Artificial Science, Date Science and business Intelligence. I help clients formulate strategies and workflows to incorporate AI and other cutting edge technologies in their product development and service processes to achieve broader business and mission aims.


I provide consulting in three areas:

  • Evaluating your idea and it’s niche market.
  • Startup Idea evaluation and roadmap design: I help clients determine precisely how to evaluate their business idea and do market research. Then create a step-by-step product development process.
  • Decide on development life cycle and technologies for creation of your product.
  • Startup Growth Strategies: I help advance product reach while evaluating user’s experience.
  • Data Science Consultation: I provide data engineering and analysis for businesses.

My Background

I’ve spent the vast majority of my career providing freelance development and consulting services for clients from around in areas such as:

  • software product development
  • software-as-a-service
  • community, customer, membership cultivation
  • data-driven decision making and business campaign development
  • AI incorporation into new products
  • AI development and programming
  • Natural Language Processing for machine understanding

What you should know

Why it works

I utilize modern business model and startup analysis tools such as lean canvas and business model templates to create a strategic development and growth roadmap. At first, I do not instruct, lecture, nor advocate solutions based on my own experiences or opinions. Instead I methodically question, clarify, and refine your broader business or mission aims. Then use my experience and knowledge to help you draw your product development process. In short, I help you create your success story before it startup’s launch.

How it works

Session 1: Startup

1. Discover & Understand

2. Define success metrics

3. Create development roadmap

4. Asses progress and success metrics

Session 2: Market Analysis

1. Define your niche

2. Understand customers

3. Define marketing channels

4. Discover and analyze your competition

Session 3: Project management

1. Select technologies and frameworks

2. Software architecture

3. Data acquisition and machine learning

4. Production stage, DevOps and MLOps

What is required

For the sessions to produce best results, you can fill the contact form bellow and prepare yourself for the session by scheduling a manner that you can fully focus on our conversations.

How one-on-one consulting works:

  • I work with consulting clients by WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom. The cost is US $50 for first two sessions; for a “lightning round” question and answer session, this session is for an hour but can take up to two hours if necessary.
  • Before second session I’ll perform market research and evaluate best technological options for product development and service presentation of your startup.
  • In second session we define and evaluate development and growth path of your business.

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