Jupyter Notebook

The Jupyter Notebook is a Data Science tool for creating and sharing computational documents running python or other languages. I use Jupyter Notebooks for data science experiments and as a part of Machine Learning pipeline. Recent articles on Jupyter Notebook:


WordPress is world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). I use WordPress for launching my content-oriented websites, including this one. And I can develop plugins and design themes for WordPress. I’ve also developed a number of integration projects for WordPress authentication system, and interoperability between WordPress and other products. Some of my WordPress projects: Recent … Read more


Django is Python Library for rapid development of web applications using MVC architecture. I use Django because: Some of my Django Projects” Recent Django Articles:


JavaScript (JS), is a programming language used in Back-End, Front-End, and software development. I’ve mostly used JavaScript and it’s frameworks in front-end development Some of my projects using JavaScript or it’s frameworks: Recent Posts:


PHP is a web development programming language, used by most website. I’ve used PHP for creating web applications and online tools. Some of my PHP projects: Recent articles:


Python programming language is used for creating software, web applications and scripting. I use python for run my Data Science and Artificial Intelligence projects, as well as automation and scientific experiments. Some of my Python projects: Recent Posts: