SEO checklist

Website Structure Website architecture – Navigation, structure, and hierarchy Mobile responsiveness and optimization Fast loading speed HTTPS implementation XML sitemap Robots.txt file Structured data implementation URL structure – Clear and simple Internal linking strategy Error-free website code Breadcrumb navigation Use of proper heading tags Consistent navigation menu for all pages Use of canonical URLs Use … Read more

Machine Learning Project structure

In all projects, the structure of the project plays an important role in rapid development, readability, reproducibility, and empowering creative work while enforcing the best workflow practices. In the case of Machine Learning Projects, depending on the scope, size, and specific requirements of the project, they can be structured in different ways. However, there are … Read more

Mathematics for Data Science & Machine Learning

Here is a a comprehensive road-map for learning mathematics for working in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. This road-map includes applications of each subject for each field and resources and tutorials for each topic. Basics of Mathematics Start with the fundamentals of mathematics such as basic algebra, calculus, and statistics.Algebra is used … Read more

Data Science, simply explained

Exploring the Basics of Data Science What is Data Science Data science is an interdisciplinary field. It combines: The Importance of Data Science The significance of Data Science in the modern world cannot be overstated. Almost all fields of business can benefit from the insights that it can provide to make informed decision-making. Data analysis … Read more

Back-end Security Checklist

Backend Security Guide Understanding Back-end Security Back-end web development is a critical component of creating a resilient and secure application; and its security is a critical component of its development which refers to the protection of web applications at the server-side.As Back-end security carries great responsibility before clients and users, who trust it with their … Read more